Episode 432 - 2012

On this week's episode, the 2019 Summer Blockbuster Extravaganza heads to Disasterville as the guys trash the totally ridiculous Roland Emmerich-helmed, end of the world joint, 2012! Why did we have to suffer those two jazz musician characters? What's with so many people in this film dying over the phone? And did President Danny Glover deserve such an over-the-top death? PLUS: What would you eat when you were told the world was coming to an end? Because 50% of this show's cast is turning to cannibalism right quick!

2012 stars John Cusack, Danny Glover, Amanda Peet, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandie Newton, Oliver Platt, Tom McCarthy, and Woody Harrelson; directed by Roland Emmerich.

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Gleep Glossary: A Star Wars Story #7 - Durga the Hutt (PREVIEW)

On this month's entry into the Gleep Glossary, Eric finds a non-bipedal gleep-glop to satisfy Chris Cabin's weird alien fetish and the gang learns about the non-legendary Durga the Hutt! Was this Hutt a fan of—HEY NOW! This content is for Patreon subscribers only! To access the full show, head over to our Patreon page and subscribe today!

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WHM Mail Bag: WHM (At Work) Without Headphones, Concession Stand Thieves, and Flying with Hot Food Terrorists

On this dip into the WHM Mail Bag, the guys address super important issues like: how awkward it can be listening to this show without headphones, stealing concessions from the multiplex you work for, and one of the worst flight companions to ever exist. PLUS: Is it too late for a Vega Brothers movie?

If you want your questions answered on the air, or have a wild story you want the guys to comment on, write into the Mail Bag: weallhatemovies@gmail.com!

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WHM Mail Bag: Talking to Talent, Babysitting Horror Stories, and Misremembering Movie Details

On this WHM Mail Bag, the gang reads letters from people who bothered directors while driving them around, got asked to babysit a gaggle of Shrek-loving monsters, misremembered the stars of "Airheads," and one guy whose college roommate did, indeed, pleasure themselves to Shrek. If you want your wild stories read on the air, or if you have a question for the gang, write into the mail bag: weallhatemovies@gmail.com!

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Episode 431 - The Ugly Truth

On this week's episode, the Summer Blockbuster Extravaganza is celebrating the world of rom-coms as the gang chats about the outrageous 2009 disaster, The Ugly Truth! Why can't they just make Gerard Butler characters Scottish so the man can speak comfortably? How did Kevin Connolly make the opening credits with that little screen time? And could you even imagine going to a balloon festival? PLUS: Minor league baseball can get pretty wild it turns out!

The Ugly Truth stars Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, Eric Winter, Bree Turner, Nick Searcy, Cheryl Hines, John, and Michael Higgins; directed by Robert Luketic.

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