Episode 180 - Buried Alive

On this week's episode, the latest #WHMLRM comes to an end as the guys discuss the totally insane Frank Darabont thriller, Buried Alive! What is with that guitar twang? Did that sheriff just ask Tim Matheson out on a date? And what is William Atherton doing to those fish? PLUS: Coming this summer - Fat Inception.

Buried Alive stars Tim Matheson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, William Atherton and Hoyt Axton; directed by Frank Darabont.

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A Side Order of Sleaze: H.O.T.S.

Hey, remember our side show, A Side Order of Sleaze? No? Well, you're in luck! We're back with an all-new sleazy side order just in time for Thanksgiving! Hooray? On this episode (recorded a while back, but never released), Andrew and Eric discuss the ridiculous 1979 college comedy, H.O.T.S.! What is with that robot? Why does the Mafia have to get involved? And did we really need that football game at the end?

H.O.T.S. stars Susan Kiger, Lisa London, Pamela Jean Bryant, Kimberly Cameron, Donald Petrie and Danny Bonaduce as "Manny Tronaduce"; directed by Gerald Seth Sindell.

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Episode 179 - The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

On this week's episode, the gang gets skeeved out by the ultra-white, 90s, domestic thriller, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle! How in the world did the news station show our protagonist's picture on TV? Why do they keep singing lines from The H.M.S. Pinafore? And why won't this husband get mad?! PLUS: How you don't act at a surprise party.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle stars Annabella Sciorra, Rebecca De Mornay, Matt McCoy, Ernie Hudson, Julianne Moore and John de Lancie; directed by Curtis Hanson.

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Animation Damnation #9 - Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue

On this episode of Animation Damnation, the gang tackles the heavily requested, Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue! How much weed does this kid think he needs? Why did the President and First Lady introduce this thing? And how many kids were actually turned on to drugs by this? PLUS: Why only one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue stars a ton of voice actors who do everything else and it was directed by Milton Gray, Marsh Lamore, Bob Shellhorn, Mike Svayko and Karen Peterson. Yes, five people directed this thiry-minute cartoon.

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Episode 178 - Johnny Mnemonic

On this week's episode, the #WHMLRM continues as the guys tackle the 1995 cyber-punk thriller, Johnny Mnemonic! What's with this narration-less scroll? How is Udo Kier not a vampire in every film? And what's with Ice-T dropping cars on everybody? PLUS: The guys debate Catfish and also show their love for the great Keanu Reeves.

Johnny Mnemonic stars Keanu Reeves, Ice-T, Dolph Lundgren, Henry Rollins, Dina Meyer, "Beat" Takeshi, Barbara Sukowa and Udo Kier; directed by Robert Longo.

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