Episode 317 - If Looks Could Kill

On this week's episode, the guys go back to school with the spectacularly ridiculous, high school spy comedy, If Looks Could Kill! Why doesn't Richard Grieco just sit these people down and explain the situation calmly? How often were they waxing his eyebrows on set? And how much of this film was stolen by later Bond films—or was it the other way around? PLUS: A big bit of information about our L.A. Podfest appearance!

If Looks Could Kill stars Richard Grieco, Roger Rees, Linda Hunt, Robin Bartlett, Gabrielle Anwar, and Roger Daltrey; directed by William Dear.

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WHM Mail Bag - Alt-Right Blind Dates, Grade School Toy Theft, and Puking at the Movies

On the first WHM Mail Bag of season 8, the guys read letters from listeners about accidentally going on a date with a racist, creeps in grade school stealing toys from their friends, and throwing up while watching Fellowship of the Ring!

If YOU want YOUR weird stories read on the air, or if you have questions for the gang, write into the mail bag—weallhatemovies@gmail.com!

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Episode 316 - It (1990)

On the SEASON EIGHT premiere of WHM, the guys return just in time to have some fun with the cult classic TV gem, It! Why did they make this movie for ABC and not for the theaters? Did the It monster kill off the dinosaurs? And what is with that ponytail?! PLUS: Harry Anderson and Richard Dean Anderson get mixed up... a lot.

It stars Tim Curry, Harry Anderson, Dennis Christopher, Richard Masur, Annette O'Toole, Tim Reid, John Ritter, Jonathan Brandis, Seth Green, and Richard Thomas;; directed by Tommy Lee Wallace.

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Episode 315 - Mac and Me

Recorded live at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY — 8/05/17

On this week's episode, the guys finally get around to trashing the feature-length McDonald's commercial, Mac and Me! How is it these alien puppets' mouths were shaped so it was impossible for them to eat McDonald's products? Why didn't that mother tell those kids about the cliff? And you can NOT just jump to a citizenship scene like that! PLUS: Lots of talk about UFOs and aliens "coring out" livestock!

Mac and Me stars Christine Ebersole, Jonathan Ward, Tina Caspary, Jade Calegory, and Ronald McDonald as 'Himself;' directed by Stewart Raffill.

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WHM On-Screen: Game of Thrones Season 7

On this special WHM On-Screen, the guys gather 'round to chat about the seventh—and shortest!—season of HBO's Game of Thrones! What's with all the wonky and wacky geography that's going on in this season? Does the shortened season hurt the show or help it? And was Maisie Williams taking notes from Anthony Hopkins? PLUS: Game of Thrones and Married with Children aren't as different as you may think!

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