Episode 325 - The Fan

On this week's episode, the blessed month of Snipesgiving rolls on with Tony Scott's 1996 baseball thriller, The Fan! What's with everyone demanding Bobby Rayburn hit them a home run? Did anyone check the lyrics in the song choices during shots of child actors? And who wouldn't have a security team on hand when firing this total lunatic knife salesman? PLUS: Andrew hears whispers on the film's soundtrack that may or may not be telling him to kill!

Be sure to continue the Snipesgiving festivities this Saturday night at our final east coast tour date for quite some time: Talking Blade: Trinity at The Bell House—part of the Brooklyn Podcast Festival! Tickets here!

The Fan stars Wesley Snipes, Robert De Niro, Ellen Barkin, John Leguizamo, Benicio Del Toro, Chris Mulkey, Patti D'Arbanville, and Kurt Fuller; directed by Tony Scott.

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Episode 324 - Rising Sun

On this week's episode, the guys kick off the blessed month of Snipesgiving with the one and only Michael Crichton snooze, Rising Sun! What's with that terrible interrogation framing device they barely use? Why couldn't they find better lines and a stronger subplot for Steve Buscemi? And how in the world do you make us wait a whole eleven minutes before we see us some Wesley Snipes? PLUS: Sean Connery mixes up Jurassic Park dinosaurs with Japanese businessmen!

And to continue the Snipesgiving celebrations, be sure to catch WHM at the Bell House on 11/18 talking about the ridiculous Blade: Trinity! Get your tickets here!

Rising Sun stars Wesley Snipes, Sean Connery, Harvey Keitel, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Mako, Steve Buscemi, Ray Wise, and Tia Carrere; directed by Philip Kaufman.

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Episode 323 - Trick or Treat (1986)

On this week's episode, the WHM Halloween Spooktacular comes to an end as the guys have some fun with 1986's Trick or Treat! What's with this kid's horrible nickname? Why didn't the writers set any boundaries with the powers this ghost/demon has? And what was with that cowboy hat, Gene Simmons? PLUS: The Trickster gets kicked out of Sammi Curr's band!

Trick or Treat stars Marc Price, Tony Fields, Lisa Orgolini, Doug Savant, Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne; directed by Charles Martin Smith.

And be sure to get your tickets to see us at the Brooklyn Podcast Festival at the Bell House on 11/18 when we'll be talking about Blade Trinity! Tickets here!

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WHM Mail Bag: L.A. Letter Readin' (w/ Amir Blumenfeld!)

Recorded at the HeadGum studio in sunny Los Angeles!

On a very special WHM Mail Bag, the gang welcomes If I Were You's Amir Blumenfeld on to read letters about earthquakes, giving up on movies, bad date etiquette, Halloween pranks gone awry, parents showing their young kids inappropriate horror films, and sexy escapades gone terribly, terribly wrong!

Be sure to check out Amir's show, If I Were You as well as all the other rad shows on the network over at HeadGum!

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WHM On-Screen: Horror Franchise Wars: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Happy Halloween, gang! Just in time for the year's greatest holiday, we're here to rank the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise! With wretched jokes, ridiculous back stories, actually produced fan fiction, a crude remake, and one Grade-A Tom Arnold/Roseanne Barr cameo, the Nightmare franchise has somehow aged into one of the worst of the "big" horror franchises. PLUS: John Saxon will always be there for a friend to ask, "How ya holdin' up?"

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