Episode 329 - Hard to Kill

On this week's episode, the guys discuss the best (?) Steven Seagal movie, Hard to Kill! Why is Mason Storm—great name by the way—so obsessed with getting home to watch the Oscars? Who secretly films the Mafia using a gigantic shotgun mic? And what's the situation with giving Seagal a sponge bath while he's in the hospital? PLUS: A magic cat that performs medical miracles becomes the best sidekick on the couch that Carson ever had!

Hard to Kill stars Steven Seagal, Kelly LeBrock, William Sadler, and Frederick Coffin; directed by Bruce Malmuth.

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Episode 328 - The Punisher (2004)

On this week's episode, the gang ventures back into the world of Marvel Comics with the 2004 misfire, The Punisher! What's with this destination wedding-style family reunion the Castle Clan is throwing? How was this dye job approved by the producers? And how do you have John Travolta play your villain and you don't let him tap dance all over the scenery? PLUS: Yes, we also talk a bit about that new Netflix Punisher that's much, much better!

The Punisher stars Tom Jane, John Travolta, Ben Foster, Laura Harring, Samantha Mathis, Will Patton, Rebecca Romijn, Kevin Nash, John Pinette, and Roy Scheider; directed by Jonathan Hensleigh.

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WHM Mail Bag: Taking Mom to the Movies, Lying About Hating "Collateral Beauty," and Falling Asleep on Toilets

On this month's WHM Mail Bag, the gang reads letters about moms taking kids to inappropriate movies accidentally, people getting caught lying about not hating Collateral Beauty, Sean Connery golfing, pre-teens taking innocent grandmothers to sexy thrillers, watching movies on bootlegs, and sleeping in airplane bathrooms!

If you want your questions answered or stories told on the air, write into the mail bag—weallhatemovies@gmail.com! We record the final Mail Bag of the year on Saturday so write in quick!

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WHM On-Screen: The 2017 Superhero Round-Up

On this special WHM On-Screen, the gang gathers to chat about all the superhero nonsense that's happened at the movies this year. Topics of discussion include: the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, Thor: Ragnarock, superhero film rankings, and, yes, Justice League! And of course, SPOILERS ABOUND!

Also: This Saturday we're recording the final mail bag of 2017, so get your emails in by Friday!!

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Episode 327 - Drop Zone

On this week's episode, we sadly bring Snipesgiving to an end with an all-time Wesley fave, Drop Zone! How is Michael Jeter allowed to play with kittens in jail? What's with all the mid-air pranks? And look at Busey bite that hand! PLUS: Finally, some good news to report on SNN, the Skydiving News Network!

Drop Zone stars Wesley Snipes, Gary Busey, Yancy Butler, Michael Jeter, Corin Nemec, Grace Zabriski, and Malcolm-Jamal Warner; directed by John Badham.

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