The Nexus 21 - "Tomorrow is Yesterday" / "Heart of Glory" (CLIP)

On this month's adventure through the Nexus, the gang chats about two pretty excellent episodes of Trek, almost forcing a tie for the first time in show history!

First up on TOS, the episode in question is "Tomorrow is Yesterday," which originally aired on January 26th, 1967. Here, we find... OOPS! This episode is for Patreon subscribers only! If you wanna give our Star Trek podcast, The Nexus a spin, be sure to go check out our Patreon!

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Episode 358 - Witless Protection

On this week's episode, the gang goes back to Larry Country to chat about the most movie-ish of Larry the Cable Guy movies, Witless Protection! How in the world does Larry keep a job in law enforcement? How does he not realize he's straight-up kidnapping this woman? And how did a scene like this motel catastrophe make it into this shitty movie? PLUS: Detective Cable Guy — it's like if Sherlock Holmes constantly shit his pants!

Witless Protection stars Dan Whitney, Jenny McCarthy, Ivana Milicevic, Gerry Bednob and Yaphet Kotto; directed by Charles Robert Carner.

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Animation Damnation - The Boss Baby: Back in Business (Clip)

On this month's Animation Damnation, the gang sits down with the brand-new Netflix series, The Boss Baby: Back in Business! The episode in question, "The Constipation Situation," features such amazing content like: Oops! This is only a clip! For access to the full episode—along with hours of exclusive WHM content—be sure to subscribe to our Patreon!

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WHM Mail Bag: Crying at LOTR, Getting Arrested on Easter, and Several Scary Bathroom Tales

We apologize for the weird audio glitches here. We had to overcome some hiccups, but stick it out because this Mail Bag episode is absolutely outrageous!

On this very special Mail Bag, the gang is at the HeadGum East studio in Brooklyn to read some letters alongside very special guests, their significant others: Chelsea, Jenn, Amy and Sofia! Contained in this episode are sordid tales of people following their crush to LOTR premieres and then crying HARD at the end in front of them, moms getting arrested on Easter Sunday, and several outrageous stories of bathroom-related public humiliation. CAUTION: Things get gross.

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Episode 357 - The X-Files: I Want to Believe

On this week's episode, the gang chats about the dull as dirt—and totally unnecessary—sequel/continuation, The X-Files: I Want to Believe! Why does the film allow a convicted sex offender to dress down Scully? Why doesn't Mulder look more like Ted Kaczynski when in hiding? And how dare they put so little Skinner in this! PLUS: Wouldn't this movie be better if it ended with werewolves?

The X-Files: I Want to Believe stars David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Billy Connelly, Amanda Peet, Alvin 'Xzibit' Joiner, Billy Connolly, Callum Keith Rennie, and Mitch Pileggi; directed by Chris Carter.

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