Episode 248 - Waterworld (Live!)

Recorded December 12th, 2015

This week on the show, the gang is LIVE from the D.C. Improv to chat about the ridiculous blockbuster flub, Waterworld! Why did they make this "hero" so deplorable? How could someone not be able to swim in a place called Waterworld? And why didn't these pirates just trace the map off the little girl's back? PLUS: A dramatic reading from the Waterworld novelization!

Waterworld stars Kevin Costner, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Tina Majorino, Michael Jeter, and the late, great, Dennis Hopper; directed by Kevin (not Costner) Reynolds.

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WHM Mail Bag: Peein' at the Arcade, Dirty Diapers in the Theater, and One Ticked Off BvS Superfan

On this episode of WHM Mail Bag, the guys welcome friend and special guest, Justin J. Case, to read letters about a guy who was almost beaten by video game hustlers, a person who wet themselves in an arcade due to excessive Dr. Pepper intake and a real love for Tekken 3, a (former?) listener who was upset by our Batman v Superman Colon Dawn of Justice episode, and much more!

Do you want your crazy stories told or questions answered on the air? Then write in to the Mail Bag: weallhatemovies@gmail.com!

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Episode 247 - Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

On this week's episode, the gang scrapes the bottom of the barrel with the 2006 fart-a-thon, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector! How many diarrhea scenes do we need? What's with all the talk about having sex with mannequins? And is Larry as a grownup worse than Larry as a man baby? PLUS: Larry the Cable Guy--disrespectful Hooters customer.

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector stars Dan Whitney, David Koechner, Tony Hale, Tom Wilson, Megyn Price, Joanna Cassidy, and Bruce Bruce; directed by Trent Cooper.

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Animation Damnation #27 - Centurions

On this episode of Animation Damnation the gang talks about the insane toy commercial cartoon, Centurions! The episode in question, "Day of the Animals," raises concerns such as why cybernetic animals in the first place? Did they actually invent wi-fi enabled mind control? And what's with Ace McCloud, professional scum bag? PLUS: Successful Stan Lee endlessly taunting a troubled Jack Kirby.

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Episode 246 - The Wizard

On this week's episode, the gang gets around to a long-promised discussion on the ridiculous Nintendo-commercial film, The Wizard! How did anyone find Fred Savage characters appealing in the 80s? What's with all the video game street gambling? And just how cool is Lucas? PLUS: John Goodman vs. Beau Bridges: Dawn of Street Brawlin'!

The Wizard stars Fred Savage, Luke Edwards, Jenny Lewis, Christian Slater, Beau Bridges, Will Seltzer, and Sam McMurray; directed by Todd Holland.

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