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City Winery - Chicago, IL - 7/13/18 - 📸Serena Valenti (IG: helikedmyshoes)

It does not matter what the We Hate Movies fellows are humorously dissecting: their banter and chemistry can make anything funny.
— Nathan Rabin, Nathan Rabin's Happy Place

In 2010 Andrew Jupin, Chris Cabin, Eric Szyszka and Stephen Sajdak lived in Astoria, Queens, had too much time on their hands, and spent most of their free time watching bad movies and making fun of them over a cold beer or seven. As podcasts were just coming into prominence, they decided it might be a good idea to put a few mics in the room under the impression that the time spent on these conversations might yield something productive. Well, that never happened, but hundreds of episodes later the gang has tackled all manner of movies—good, bad and otherwise, and created a brand of comedy that’s simultaneously irreverent, profane, and welcoming.  

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