Episode 234 - The Last Witch Hunter

On the final episode of the Worst of 2015, the gang gets real tough and real magical as they sit through the magically tough fantasy action thrill ride--question mark?--The Last Witch Hunter! What's with Vin Diesel saying "magic" every six seconds? Does Michael Caine stand in any of his scenes? And why couldn't they hire an actual human being to play the Witch Queen? PLUS: Your favorite Ghostbusters lines, but with the word "bee".

The Last Witch Hunter stars Vin Diesel, Rose Leslie, Michael Caine, Elijah Wood, and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson; directed by Breck Eisner.

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egodf958 said...

it's funny because I was considering recommending 9 for listener request month :') I have a lot of fondness for it. shame my favorite character had all of three lines.

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conleyc93 said...

Man and you could have gone after Transporter: Refueled guys, that was a way worse movie than this. How do you do a Transporter movie without Jason Statham and some faceless nobody from Game of Thrones? Oh yeah, he looked probably at the script and said even for me Mr. Churn-it out action movies. I don't want to do it. Find someone else to be Frank Martin.


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