Episode 232 - Russell Madness

On this week's episode, the gang continues their Worst of 2015 month with an off-brand family film, the wrestling dog epic, Russell Madness! How many dogs-doing-things movies will this same company make? Why doesn't this arena rent out to other events besides wrestling? And can this talking monkey live forever? PLUS: Creepy Frasier cosplay! Wait, what?

Russell Madness stars John Ratzenberger, Mason Vale Cotton, Fred Willard, Mckenna Grace, Will Sasso, and Mac from Night Court himself, Charles Robinson; directed by Robert Vince.

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conleyc93 said...

Wow this was a lame episode, and it took you til now to target a Air Bud Franchise movie?

And I'm sorry most kids watch garbage now these days anyway. I weep for our generation that even has to make a serious superhero cartoon like Teen Titans into a bad immature joke fest when Batman The Animated freaking series was around and didn't have to do that lame crap.

But anyway, if you want to go after barely watched DTV titles. You might as well watch Steven Seagal's latest Absolution, with a torture porn Vinnie Jones in a gimp mask brutalizing his career and raping it into submission. It was a funny movie, even if it was shoddy.

By the way, this movie has the stink of Canada all over it. Not Los Angeles, barely Los Angeles.

Then again, I'm just thinking that because the other spin-off Air Bud movies actually were joint US/Canada productions.

Boy I remember the old first Air Bud movie where the dog didn't talk at all. That was a fun movie. When I was a kid. I can't remember much of it and dare not to watch it again, perhaps to not destroy the nostalgia. But I remember some of it involved animal kidnapping or something like that.

Dusty Good said...

I don't know how many tall glasses of ice cold water conley's been enjoying but I thought that this episode was solid from start to finish. Sure, the film was crap, and that's what lead to podcasting magic. Another great WHM episode.

conleyc93 said...

@Dusty Good. If we're splitting hairs here, the Jingle All the Way 2 was the funnier DTV sequel review. This was rather lame.

As for tall glasses of ice cold water, I wrote that at 3AM in the morning with insomnia plaguing me. And yes, it was a rambling rant, like this episode.

WHM Eric said...

Conleyc93, can I ask you an honest question? Why do you listen to the show if you consistently hate it?

Joanne said...

Woah, are you sure this isn't the Cats vs. Dogs episode? I think there were some genuine feelings being thrown around that room.

Definitely another great episode. I never comment despite being an avid listener, but you guys deserve some praise, especially when there's some people always on here moaning and groaning about... you know, whatever. Not naming names. This is the only podcast I make sure to get to every week, and your backlog staves off work boredom just, like, constantly. I genuinely appreciate the work you guys do.

But all I really gotta say is that Bronx Buddies better have a photoshopped cover on twitter by the time I get home.

Ufotofu9 said...

@WHM Eric: welcome to internet comments sections is all I have to say.

But I can understand why Conleyc93 is so down on you. I mean, you provide a free comedy show that is consistently the funniest bad movie podcast out of a lot of other really great shows. I mean, how dare you guys not live up to the high standards of Conleyc93's set by the Jingle All The Way 2 episode.

Mark said...

I've seen some awful films for the love of this podcast, but I don't know if I could stomach an Adam Sandler film. I mean there's asking a lot and then there's asking people to watch an Adam Sandler film, maybe I can just watch the trailer and read the wikipedia page and get the gist of it.

Shagg E said...

The Russell Madness poster may be my new favorite thing. I want to cover every wall with it. I'm not sure which bit is more ridiculous: "The Strongest Tag Team Is Family", or "Own It On DVD and Blu-Ray".

intsoccersuperstar said...

They already did Eight Crazy Nights. That's probably enough Sandler to last from now until the show becomes unprofitable.

intsoccersuperstar said...

This is where Will Sasso wound up? That makes me a sad panda.

RSJ said...

Funny, I thought you guys had stumbled onto this movie through the Netflix new arrivals section. That scroll gets me every time. One time I watched a movie called "The Surge"(2001) which was basically "Chronicle" only with godawful acting and special effects.

Looking forward to next week's episode, but I'm passing on watching that movie. I could have watched Pixels for free a few weeks ago and couldn't do it. He has to know he's a big joke now, right?

Ufotofu9 said...

Btw, in the O.J show, the actor playing O.J Simpson is Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr.

Will G. said...

@WHM Eric: Conleyc93 is an... interesting guy. He used to frequent the AV Club a while back and was generally unpleasant there as well. From what I recall, whenever there was an article about Michael Bay's Transformer movies, he'd be in the comments section to defend them/accuse everyone of being snobs/take some lighthearted ribbing about awful movies *way* too seriously. The regular commenters at the AV Club were similarly baffled as to why he hung around for as long as he did, especially given that he seemed to hate everyone there.

Another great episode, by the way!

conleyc93 said...

Will G.

Lighthearted Ribbing? On what planet is that or this lighthearted ribbing?
The AV Club was full of stuck up jerks who couldn't go a day without saying a snarky comment like that is always funny or something. And mostly it was just venomous garbage that lacked wit or wasn't even trying.
Plus, I was always making fun of that site for recommending oddball art house movies to the readers that no normal person has ever heard of. And even worse, the time they recommended John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars at Halloween? LOL.

I'm not even sticking up for this movie. It's a pretty awful sounding Kids DTV movie, that I wouldn't allow to any kid. But then again Alvin and the freaking Chipmunks was worse than this. So why not go after that?

@Eric I hope for a good episode to match your sort of brilliant dissection of the Mortal Kombat movies. And your classic Wired episode, tons of previous episodes I could re-listen to and have re-listened to.

Come on guys, lighten up, all I'm doing is some lighthearted ribbing on this podcast, nothing more. Relax.

KK_Me said...

Great episode! I love it when you do terrible kids movies!

Maybe do 'The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure' sometime?

Will G. said...

@Conleyc93: It's a bit of a stretch to call jokes about the Transformers movies "venomous garbage," but sure. I was (and still am) just a lurker there, but you can't really call them jerks when you've always gone into those comment sections swinging with little to no prompting. It's lighthearted because most people aren't taking this stuff quite so personally! There's no need to be so weirdly combative all the time about people taking the piss out of movies they think are dumb and who have a different opinion from yours. I dunno, given your comment history across these websites, I think you telling people to relax shows a pretty major lack of self-awareness on your part!

conleyc93 said...

Buddy, Pal.

The jokes weren't jokes as much as they were just crass "it sucks" statements said with no wit or intelligence but "hey dude, it sucks, and you suck for liking it, idiot." I guess that's what's called humor and lighthearted at that. I mean I think the humor says that they do take it personally, they just hide it in a fog of saying they're just joking. But really they do take it very personally.

That's always a possibility.

I was being sarcastic when I told you to relax. I was using some of that lighthearted humor you are talking about.

I guess I missed the boat when Humor and comedy evolved into personal insults, venomous hate rants about directors and movies. To me it's not funny. But anyway. Most of the AV Club board dweebs were very snarky idiots who couldn't go a day without saying how much so an so sucked whatever. That and gushing over some obscure art house flick being released. The worst was having to hear crap about Lars Von Trier, if you are talking about endurance tests. One of his movies is it. All of his movies are unfortunately too classy to be on this show I think.

Oh and I forgot a lot of Terrance Malick's later movies, I'm looking at you Tree of Life or I mean Boredom.
I await next year when you guys cover Norm of the North, Lionsgate should of really just thrown that to the DTV market and spared the theatrical release. Ride Along 2, The Revenant, 13 Hours will probably trounce that movie at the box office too.

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Corran Horn said...

On the subject of this movie, I guess the "Buddies" franchise must have run out of steam. That or all the dogs grew up and died.

As for the traveling troll, I learned some time ago that lions should never concern themselves with the opinion of a sheep. Ignore him and he'll move on. Maybe he'll take up shop on Ain't it Cool News or the IMDb forums.

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conleyc93 said...


Even I wouldn't bother even putting a comment on IMBD's forum. Too hateful for me, and insane. You know how many crazy threads I've read on IMBD's forum boards? A lot. It's a madhouse.

Jonathan Michaels said...

I noticed the Mission Impossible mini episodes are no longer available on The Podcast Source, is this an error, or are those episodes now Bandcamp only?

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