Episode 227 - Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

On this week's episode, the gang heads to Dark Heart's summer camp in the totally batshit insane, Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation! What's with the whole retconning of the Care Bear universe? What's the big deal about becoming 'Camp Champ'? And who in the world thought the idea of a demon stuffing the souls of beloved creatures into rubies was appropriate for three year-olds? PLUS: WARNING - We know some of you listen to this with your kids. Despite the film selection, make no mistake - this episode hits about an 11 on the Sleaze-o-Meter!

Cares Bears Movie II: A New Generation stars Hadley Kay, Chris Wiggins, Cree Summer, Alyson Court, and Michael Fantini; directed by Dale Schott.

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Mark said...

Why the fuck do those cloud cars have wheels? It makes no sense at all, it's like putting wheels on a helicopter

egodf958 said...

wait a second... one of them was a penguin. that's not a mammal.

the alice in wonderland care bears movie was downright tolerable actually.

Joe S said...

Cannot wait for your Bogus Journey next week!

Hopefully, the ghost of Chris Cabin can join you for your anniversary.

Ufotofu9 said...

Why does this get a a parental warning. I don't think there's been an episode that went below 8 on the Sleeze-o-meter.

Ufotofu9 said...

Maybe they should have called this "First World Problems-Bears."

Mark said...

I don't know how I feel about a Bogus Journey episode. I loved the film was I was a kid and hearing you make fun of it is only going to let me know how stupid a child I was, how dare you do that to me

/ said...

Bernie's II, Care Bears II, Bill and Ted II, Star Wars II... goddamnit I want to make a shit joke but I can't think of a good one.

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Neal Caffrey said...

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation episodes is one of the best episode i have ever seen. Every single story is making so perfectly that no one can find out any mistake of it.