WHM On-Screen: The Friday the 13th Franchise

On this spooktacular edition of WHM On-Screen, the gang ranks the entire Friday the 13th franchise from best to worst! Going off of Chris Cabin's column on Collider, Andrew, Steve, and Eric go through their favorite entries and most hated sequels one by one! When trying to sum up some of these films, Steve puts it best with, "It's like, oh, would you rather eat dog shit or cow shit?" Find out which shit sequels we find most delicious! And be sure to check back with Collider for more Chris Cabin dispatches!

Happy Halloween, gang! Stay safe out there!

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ollpheist said...

My idea of podcast heaven: discussing and ranking the Friday the 13th series! It's my favorite horror series, so it's great to hear your views on the movies (and to read Chris Cabin's column). I decided to rate them myself to see how they'd line up, and here's my top three:

01. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter - Mainly for the intense final chase sequence, this one wins the top spot for me. The preceding hour is only so-so, with some clumsy scares and generally unlikable teen characters. However, there is a mean-spirited nastiness to the movie's violence that's quite startling (all hail Tom Savini!), so as a pure horror movie it still has a gritty grimness that gives it a power that the other sequels lack. In fact, I've actually had a couple of nightmares about Jason in the past, and this is the movie I'm always stuck in.

02. Friday the 13th (original) - It has a great atmosphere and I love the setting, with nice, moody photography around the lake. The cast is also extremely likable, and it's possibly the only F13 movie where I like everyone (even the jackass practical-joker character!). On the minus side, it does have a weak 'final girl sequence' compared to later entries (basically: a middle-aged lady who falls down a lot chases a wimpy girl who half-heartedly throws things at her). But it still has that decapitation ending and great final jump scare.

03. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan - Surprisingly this came out on my list as my favorite of the rest of the sequels. I know it's going against the majority of fans' opinions, but I love the boat, and I love New York. I have no further defense of this movie other than it's fun and just really refreshing to have Jason in a different setting, even if he is just stuck on a cruise for an hour!

All the other Paramount entries are fun too, but the later New Line movies don't seem to understand Jason at all or the appeal of Friday the 13th. And although Friday the 13th has the most basic rinse-and-repeat formula possible for a movie franchise, the remake still screws it up, and ranks as my least favorite. Obnoxious and boring, and no fun at all :(

Ufotofu9 said...

Best one is Part 6, Jason Lives. It's funny and satirical.

Mark said...

For me it's always going to be part 1, it's the first one I ever saw and I watched all the others over a long period of time and completely out of order by catching them randomly on tv so most of them blended into one another as I caught a sequel half-way through first time I saw it then later watched the whole thing. First is the one I've rewatched the most and even gave me a nightmare where Mrs. Vorhees was hunting me so that always sticks in the memory

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