Animation Damnation #19 - Speed Racer

On the season premiere of Animation Damnation, the gang takes a look at an off-the-wall episode of Speed Racer where a grown man rides around on horseback whipping cars in his town. The episode in question is "The Car Hater" which originally aired December 15th, 1967. Why are these hillbillies immediately ready to murder Speed and Trixie? What good does this horse-riding lunatic think he's doing? And where are the triple life sentences for all these criminals by the end of this rampage? PLUS: The guys all realize that this is pretty great cartoon.

This is one of two AD episodes coming to you this month so be on the lookout for more cartoon insanity in a couple weeks!

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Jason Briggs said...

My bro and I watched these cartoons when we were kids. I'm only in my 20s, so I didn't grow up with them, but my parents introduced me after the live-action movie came out. This episode has stuck with me all these years for how weird and OTT it was. That's about the time when I quit watching them. They got so weird. So excited you did an episode on it, LOL!

Ufotofu9 said...

Nice. I watched this as a kid. I believe it was on Nickelodeon.

I just watched this episode, and the craziest thing--aside from the theme music--is that during the show's intro and theme music, Speed literally kills another driver by pushing him off a cliff. Even better is that, a few seconds after the car jumps off the cliff, there is a gigantic explosion that takes up nearly half he screen.


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