WHM Mission: Impossible-a-thon Part I

On the first part* of WHM's franchise retrospective, the gang takes a look back at Brian De Palma's fantastic first entry in the film series, Mission: Impossible! Was the plot too convoluted? How about that Cruise haircut! And always remember to never trust Jean Reno!

Featuring a special appearance by Blame It On Outer Space's Ben Worcester!

* We're releasing a bonus episode a week on a different M:I film throughout July so don't miss out! Be sure to pick up our app (Amazon, Google Play or The Podcast Source) or visit our Bandcamp page!


Chaosinmotion said...

The clip your referenced

Thiago Kronig said...

Couldn't find it at Google Play Store.
I own already the Suckermentary episode.
Please, verify!
Thank you for the amazing content!

WHM Eric said...

Thiago, this bonus series will only be available on Bandcamp and our app. We only push commentary tracks to Google Play and iTunes.

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