WHM Mail Bag: Awkward Dates, Brave Moms and Horrendous Theater Behavior

This month we open up the old WHM Mail Bag and read letters about awkward dates at the movies, people with horrendous movie theater etiquette and one amazing mother who did not stop busting on her son for taking her to see From Dusk Till Dawn!

If you've got a question for the gang or have a weird, awkward or crazy story you'd like read on the air, write in the to the Mail Bag! Drop us a line at weallhatemovies@gmail.com!

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Arcturus said...

You guys mentioned Pulp Fiction, which made me think of my theater experiences with that movie. I saw Pulp Fiction 5 times in the theater, the only movie I've ever done that for. It came out the summer before I started college and blew my mind. Anyway, every time I saw this movie, somebody walked out on it. A couple of times, people left after the infamous needle scene. Another showing, it was Marvin getting shot in the face. Yet another was during Ving Rhames getting sodomized.

But the most epic happened on my 5th viewing during Tarentino's dead n-word storage rant. This young African-American lady stood up and loudly (and proudly)announced "Ain't no n-words here!" with the full head roll and the hand up palm toward the screen. Then she and her friends marched out of the theater. I certainly don't endorse censorship, but I thought it was pretty brave to stand up in front of a crowded theater and do that. Still think of that every time I watch Pulp Fiction.