Episode 205 - Space Jam

On this week's episode, the gang tears into the completely ridiculous, total disgrace, live action/animation hybrid, Space Jam! Why is this movie about everyone in the universe bowing before Michael Jordan? If they're from our universe, why do these aliens look animated and not like real-life aliens? And what's with all the "slave" talk? PLUS: Those are some realistically drawn butt-cheeks on that Monstar...

Space Jam stars Michael Jordan, Wayne Knight, Bill Murray, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, Shawn Bradley and a bunch of sub-par third generation Looney Tunes voice actors; directed by Joe Pytka.

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/ said...

So much for my guess, anti-comedy grief aid The Sixth Man.

Jimmy Brown said...

I enjoy Looney Tunes: Back In Action, it is directed by Joe Dante and has the same sort of anarchic humour as the Gremlins movies. I think it is under-rated, it is certainly a Hell of a lot better than this crap. Also- I have always been a Daffy Duck guy. Bugs was too smarmy for my liking, Daffy at least owned up to his douchebag-ness. Bugs back-stabbed just as much yet was treated as the hero. The jerk.

Ufotofu9 said...

I never saw this garbage. I am the same age as you guys, and at no point was I interested in seeing this. In fact, I knew exactly what it was: Warner Bros. giving Michael Jordon a wet, sloppy blowjob that would spawn years of toys and some of the ugliest clothing that has ever been manufactured and sold to the American public. In fact, in both the northernmost parts of Harlem AND the poorest third world countries, you may still find somebody wearing a jean jacket with Bugs Bunny stitched on the back.

I have since seen it, and the only thing I liked in it was Bill Murray. I hated the Looney Toons here because post Mel Blanc, I just could never believe that these were the same characters.

And speaking of Wile E. Coyote, there was one episode in which Wiley E. Coyote did speak in a posh British accent. It's actually a really funny and meta episode of Road Runner and Wile E. http://www.supercartoons.net/cartoon/259/road-runner-zip-zip-hooray.html

Anonymous said...

It's so obviously Lost World next week. Mentioned it as a stay tuned before and with the release of Jurassic World (fast approaching!) it's only fitting.

tc01 said...

naw. this movie is great. Obviously, the only reason these guys were so hard on it is because they're from new york and are butthurt about NY's pathetic basketball teams

Bruce Hickman said...

Thought my player suddenly switched over to ESPN.

Hakim S. Torza said...

There was this article written by one of the basketball player extras in Space Jam. It was so funny. Apparently, the producers just recruited a bunch of D3 players to do the basketball scenes with Ewing, et al. While they were waiting for stuff to film, they had pickup games with Jordan, and he was going full steam at them. At one point, the guy says Jordan makes one of these impossible Jordan shots. MJ looks at the guy and says, "get the fuck off of the court!"

But this movie is great though, and seeing how John Starks and the rest of the Knicks were getting their ass handed to them in the playoffs by the Bulls, I can see how you couldn't enjoy the splendor that is Space Jam.

wynonnamaree uy said...

I actually like this film a lot, as a child and even today. I see you guys find this film ridiculous and just plain stupid, but, to be frankly honest to you guys though, I found this more entertaining and more badass than Looney Tunes: Back in Action.

At least, there is a very good reason why the Looney Tunes' lives are at stake at the mercy of being enslaved by aliens, there is a lot of Looney Tunes-inspired basketball playing among the Toon Squad's game play, the Looney Tunes humor is still there (though not so much than in the cartoons), and there are some decent mini-story lines in the film itself (MJ torn between enjoying his basketball retirement and rediscovering the joys he have in playing basketball, Bugs trying to impress Lola, etc.). It's just a fictional movie, so don't be offended by my thoughts on the film. No flame wars please!

WHM Eric said...

Hey guys with your conspiracy theories on why we wouldn't like Space Jam. I'm originally from Chicago and from a Chicago sports household. While I was never a big sports guy, that's where the allegiance lies. I'm into the Cubs and Bears, not big on basketball but do remember the Bulls heyday well. So there you go.


E-Man said...

I can tell that I remember being turned off by the trailers when I saw them when I was 10, which was my age when this movie came out. I was so turned off that I was really opposed to seeing this. Even my relatives who wanted to take me to see it were all trying to convince me to see it, but I was against it.

The movie grew on me when my mom rented it and I finally sat down to watch it. I enjoyed it in the end.

However, after listening to you guys ramble on about this movie, and also having watched the Nostalgia Critic's review on it, I can't argue with the points that you guys made, as well as what Doug Walker made about this film.

By the way, it was a missed opportunity to talk about the hilarity of Charles Barkley praying in church about he won't date Madonna again. Same with Barkley being talked down by some teenage girl on a street basketball court.

Zaubermancer said...

Seriously? a 2+ hour podcast and no one mentioned Barkley Shut up and Jam: Gaiden?


WHM Eric said...

This isn't 2 hours, or over 2 hours.

Dylan Thomas said...

my gym teacher would play the space jam song every single gym class. every single time. for my entire elemtentary school career.

and then he changed to teaching middle school gym. guess what he played

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Tim Luz said...

Hilariously, I remember that the year this movie came out Warner Brothers spent a bunch on "For Your Consideration" Oscar ads touting Michael Jordan as Best Actor.

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