Episode 202 - Teen Witch

On this week's episode, it's a real We Love Movies situation as the gang casts a spell over 1980's suburbia in the cheese-fest teen comedy, Teen Witch! What would a girl-centric Teen Wolf have looked like? Could that sexophone get any sexier? And how was that teacher not fired immediately? PLUS: JFK's ghost haunts the Bush I White House!

Teen Witch stars Robyn Lively, Zelda Rubinstein, Dan Gauthier, Mandy Ingber, Shelley Berman, Marcia Wallace & Dick Sargent; directed by Dorian Walker.

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Lauralie Navo said...

Brad's girlfriend is Randa, not Brenda. :D She and the actor who played Brad fell in love on set, and are now married with children. Just thought I'd share a fun fact! :D

Lauralie, a Teen Witch fan.

Magic Player said...

I was right!

Ufotofu9 said...

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