Animation Damnation #16 - ProStars

On this episode of We Hate Movies' Animation Damnation the guys are joined by friend and WHM Disaster Movie Expert, Justin J. Case, as they wrap up "WHM Michael Jordan's Hubris" week with a conversation about the absolutely horrendous 1991 mistake, ProStars! Was anyone shocked when Michael Jordan couldn't be bothered to film any of the live action interstitials? Who made the decision to make The Great One into a food-crazed dummy? And what is with that walking Jewish stereotype of a weapons expert? PLUS: Bo knows bad breath!

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Hakim S. Torza said...

There is no way that Cal Ripken or Don Mattingly was bigger in baseball than Bo Jackson in the early 90s. Bo Jackson was taking the Royals into the playoffs. There were times when Bo would have to miss preseason football because the Royals were going deep in the playoffs. Those early 90s Yankee and Oriole teams weren't as good.

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Seth Lamble said...

I enjoy the fact that the Wikipedia entry for ProStars has short character bios, and in Gretzky's it has "Inexplicably, his mind is always on food."

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