WHM Mail Bag: Forgotten Films, Lame Roller Coasters and an Encounter with Gene Shalit

On this month's Mail Bag episode, the gang discusses movies ruined by awkward parents, adulterous trips to roller coaster parks and the tale of Andrew's weird, late night encounter with legendary film critic, Gene Shalit is finally told!

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Ufotofu9 said...

When I was a kid my best friend had HBO, and I used to sleep over his house a lot. So I saw a lot of pieces of movies that played on HBO in the early 90s that I either thought were fake or now seem like they were dreams.

One of them involved a weird sacrificial scene in which two cops saved a woman who was thrown into a cauldron by a guy dressed liked a horned pagan leader.

In the next scene the cops are at a restaurant and one of them spots the head sacrificer, but he's dressed in a suit and tie. So the cop arrests him.

I thought that I had either imagined the scene or that it was lost to history, but I only recently saw the scene on TV. The film was of course "Dragnet."

Another one was an animated movie, in which a cat wants to be a real girl, and she gets turned into a girl and then gets kidnapped and sauced by some prince who gets her drunk and then ties her to the castle spire.

Now this one I thought was 100% a dream, but I searched online for a LONG time, and finally found that it was a cute little Anime film from the early 80s called "The Fantastic Adventures of Unico." It was created by Osamu Tezuka.