Episode 201 - Loverboy

On this week's episode, the gang tackles the homophobic, racist, sexist cinematic cesspool that is 1989's Loverboy! What's with those gross fake mustaches in that pizzeria? Why does that delivery guy instantly turn into T-1000? And how in the world would this girl even consider getting back together with this gigolo? PLUS: Will Riker has a real problem with Troi's guest list for their wedding.

Loverboy stars Patrick Dempsey, Kate Jackson, Dylan Walsh, Barbara Carrera, Robert Picardo, Kirstie Alley and Carrie Fisher; directed by Joan Micklin Silver.

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Dylan Field said...

Of all the movies i've seen in my life, this is certainly one of them.
Great show!

Ufotofu9 said...

Watching the original trailer, the actual, real life tagline for this movie was: "His customers always come first."

Get it?

Al Bruno III said...

Great episode. The only thing I enjoy more than your podcast is pictures of scantily clad plus sized women!

Mike D said...

I'm disappointed that you guys didn't pick up that the old "porking her" guy was Vic Tayback from "Alice". You missed some great "Stow it, Blondie" references.

Magic Player said...

I hope the clue "rap break" means that you will be doing Teen Witch next week!

Anonymous said...

At some point, the episodes will consist solely of them screaming "RACISM!", "HOMOPHOBIA!" and "SEXISM!".

Ryan Abe said...

Regarding the toilet in a restaurant idea, I'm surprised you never realized that a Mr. Show sketch created just such a restaurant years ago! The Burgundy Loaf:

The 6 minute mark:


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