WHM Mail Bag: Bad Dads, Bad Dates and Bad Movie High

This month on the Mail Bag, the gang read letters involving awkward dad screenings, a love that was never meant to be, and some of the absolute worst teachers in the country that were somehow all situated in one, single high school. PLUS: World renowned script doctor, Eric Movie, drops by to get in on the mail bag fun!

If you want your weird, movie-related stories read on the air, write in to the WHM Mail Bag - weallhatemovies@gmail.com!

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Ufotofu9 said...
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Ufotofu9 said...

So wait, is Eric Movie a redneck or is he a Hollywood exec. I thought he was a Hollywood producer like Robert Evans.

In 7th grade biology class at the end of the year we watched "Jurassic Park." In 8th grade U.S History we watched "1776," the movie musical. Spanish class we only watched Spanish language films: "The Lion King" in Spanish and "Abre Los Ojos."

I'd say that "Jurassic Park" was easily the biggest stretch in terms of defending it's educational value.

Generally, we only watched movies at the end of the year or on a real weird day, maybe at the end of the semester or after finals.

That may be because I went to a real high school and not whatever for-profit charter school this kid went to.

Branden Haize said...

This is the first WHM Mail Bag episode I've ever listened to before, so I'm not familiar with the works of Eric Movie. I know... sharing that with the public must make me look like a totally uneducated fool. You're probably asking yourselves, "has this idiot been living under a rock for the past few decades?" Well, I have no excuse for my ignorance. To make matters worse, it appears that some pranksters have removed ALL traces of Eric Movie's existence Online. His Wikipedia page, his IMDB profile... it's ALL missing! Until this problem is corrected, I'm forced to remain clueless. If someone from the WHM podcast (or perhaps one of their fans) could fill me in on Eric Movie's prestigious works, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Blair said...

On the subject of teachers showing inappropriate movies instead of actually teaching class I'm reminded of something that happened to me back in secondary school.

Our regular teacher had taken I'll suddenly so one of the administrative staff was pressed into more or less monitoring our class. The previous teacher had a collecting of VHS tapes behind their desk so the substitute picked one at random, as it happened it was Password:Swordfish.

When it got to Halle Berry's topless scene one of the boys on the class ran out to the front and instantly rewinder it watched it over and over again. After about five minutes the substitute tried to intervene so he turned around and punched her before returning to rewind the scene again. He did it for over thirty minutes.

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