Episode 187 - Dracula Untold

On this episode, the gang starts finding a pattern in the worst films of 2014 as they tackle another demon/monster movie with Dracula Untold! Why try to make the audience sympathize with a notorious murderer? Why did we need Vampire Cam? And why did Dracula need to have a Spider-man-esque "finding my powers" sequence? PLUS: Let the games being! (At least according to Charles Dance...)

Dracula Untold stars Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper and Charles Dance; directed by Gary Shore.

And be sure to catch us at the Lilypad on March 21st in Cambridge, MA! Click here for tickets!

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Elaine Briney said...

I, Stupid Dracula! Hurray!

Branden Haize said...

I try to keep track of the latest movies, but somehow this turd flushed right past me. I had no idea it even existed. When that happens (in our Internet age) you *know* the movie's bad. The studio didn't spend much money on advertising (because they didn't believe in it), and there was zero word-of-mouth support (because apparently it BLOWS). I'm glad you guys did such a thorough review of it... it saves me from having to suffer through it myself.

conleyc93 said...

The only way I saw this working is if they did a movie which had Gary Oldman play Dracula again. The movie would at least be worth it to hear the Over-acting from Oldman as he chews the scenery and bellows out his lines.

I know he's probably way too old for it though. But that would be such a better Dracula Untold movie. Is some untold story with Gary Oldman Dracula from Francis Ford Coppola's version being brought back in some different time period an wreaking havoc or even in modern day somewhere.

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