Episode 186 - Winter's Tale

On this week's episode, the gang tackles what Andrew swears is "one of the worst films" he's ever seen. It's the magical, flying horse, angry demon epic, Winter's Tale! How is someone sneaking into the attic of Grand Central Terminal in 2014? Why did the horse's wings have to look that terrible? And who on Earth taught Russell Crowe that Irish accent? PLUS: Peter Falk criticizes other people's decisions. DOUBLE PLUS: Eric proposes a new Olympic event!

Winter's Tale stars Jessica Brown Findlay, Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe, William Hurt, Graham Greene, Jennifer Connelly and... Will Smith; directed by Akiva Goldsman.

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Jameson said...

I have to believe next week's movie is the abomination called "The Other Women."

Ian said...

My guess:


Branden Haize said...

It's funny that you mentioned "Devil's Advocate"... perhaps Will Smith's time-travel fashion sense (Hendrix shirt) is a result of his ability to reset time, just like Al Pacino's "John Milton" character. I guess "the devil" can just do that now in modern fiction.

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