Episode 181 - Three Men and a Baby

On this week's episode, the gang cracks a horrendous 1980's sex cult with the ridiculous comedy, Three Men and a Baby! Just how large is this New York City apartment? Why do these guys try to play hardball with serious drug dealers? And was that really Wilson from Home Improvement? PLUS: We look inside a seedy, 1980's Manhattan sex cult through the eyes of one tortured doorman!

Three Men and a Baby stars Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg, Nancy Travis, Margaret Colin, Philip Bosco and Earl Hindman; directed by Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy.

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Unknown said...

This is my first time listening to your podcast after really enjoying How Did This Get Made and The Flop House. But in this episode there was the joke about the doorman that was a funny idea but otherwise this episode was just three guys getting very angry about Three Men and a Baby. Hopefully the next episode I listen to is better. Take care!

conleyc93 said...

Can't say much about this episode. Pretty poor. Considering your recommendations is pretty pointless considering everyone's going to see this movie regardless of what you think and how you think about it. Hell, everyone already has. Your wasting hot air complaining about a movie that has already won.

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Anonymous said...

You guys seem to get hundreds of comments from the same 2-3 people upset that you weren't crazy about Three Men and a Baby. Conley in particular is amusing since they seem to think the point of the podcast was to make a movie that came out 25-30 years ago fail.

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kelvin johnson said...

................shut. up.