WHM Mailbag: Ninja Scroll, Angry Audiences & Our Favorite Films

A perfect treat to download before your drive home from what was surely a wholesome family gathering! On this WHM Mailbag, we chat about awkward Ninja Scroll screenings, terrible, yet amazing Jason Goes to Hell audiences, and we also mention some of our favorite films, both new and old!

If you have a ridiculous WHM-related story or have a question for the gang, be sure to email us at weallhatemovies@gmail.com!

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Ufotofu9 said...

Great discussion guys. I'd love more of this.

One night I decided to rent Boogie Nights. I mostly watched movies with my friends or by myself, but once in a while my mom will come in and say, "mind if I watch.'

So this has happened at two inopportune times. The first was in middle school, and I had the whole crew over; about a dozen of us. So we're watching "Kids" and who should ask to join us, but Mom.

Luckily she got the hint and went upstairs soon after it started.

The second time, I was watching "Boogie Nights" by myself. Well, doesn't my mom come in a ask, "watcha watching?" About 45 minutes in, she said, and this really happened, "I can't watch pornography with my son," and thankfully excused herself.

As for movies that I love and can watch anytime, you got your "Dr. Strangeloves," your "Terminators 2s", your "Say Anythings," and I've even got a place in my heart for "True Lies," which I love. My favorite movie of all time, "Breathless,"is something I can watch anytime.

But the number one movie that I'll usually play on a second date, or really whenever, really, is "This Is Spinal Tap," which is the best comedy ever made. Ever

Ben Perkins said...

I have an amazing theater experience. I went with some friends to see Independence Day. It was a packed theater and peole were really getying into it. It was at the close of President Bill Pullman's rousing speach when one of our other friends, who was sitting at the opposite side of the theater, gets up and starts slow clapping. That steady clap inspired those around him and the applause grew until the ENTIRE viewing audience were clapping and cheering the reclamation of our independence from those scum sucking aliens. My friends and I who weren't clapping couldn't stop laughing. I'll never forget it.

Jagger Noas said...

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