Episode 175 - I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Our #WHMSpooktacular2014 rolls on with the totally pointless teen horror snore-quel, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer! Why does Freddie insist on going to that terrifying clam bake? Who thought up this Jack Black character? And who was asking for all this obnoxious Mekhi Phifer sex talk? PLUS: Can we finally see someone painting a threat in blood?

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Brandy, Mekhi Phifer and Muse Watson; directed by Danny Cannon.

And be sure to grab your marathon passes to the Jacob Burns Film Center's After Dark Halloween Marathon where we'll be performing live! A trip to Muldoon's may follow! And remember: In this horror franchise, one of these sequels is not like the other!

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~JB~ said...

What will happen when you run out of terrible 90s teen movies like this and She's All That starring FPR? Freddie Prinze Jr is actually voicing a character in the new Dragon Age game, kinda surprising. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hYDSUBCr-U

I hope you guys eventually get around to doing Airborne, the awesomely bad Xtremeee 90s skate movie with young Seth Green and Jack Black. Can't believe I actually saw that in the theater, yeesh. Great podcast, keep up the good work guys!

Roy Perez said...

Freddie is a big time wrestling fan. Food for thought from Roy!

The Mutt said...

I can't imagine why I would have ever watched this movie, but listening to the show, I realized I had.

I must have been possessed. Or dating a woman with great taste in men, but poor taste in film.

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