Episode 163 - Catwoman

In this week's episode, the 4th annual Summer Blockbuster Extravaganza continues as the gang tackles the Gotham-less, action-less, interest-less Catwoman! Why is this movie not set in Gotham? Is Benjamin Bratt's character really named Tom Lone? And why on Earth does this version of Catwoman need magical cat powers? PLUS: The guys take a trip to Michael Massee's Garbage Island.

Catwoman stars Halle Berry, Benjamin Bratt, Sharon Stone, Lambert Wilson, Frances Conroy, Alex Borstein and Michael Massee; directed by Pitof.

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nova_uniao said...

You guys may not have seen Daredevil for a while, if you re-watch it, I guarantee you would agree that it is a BIG swing and a miss. Maybe not quite as bad as this, but pretty close.

Hamza haroon said...

It's entertainment full movie

Chesse Spleen said...

I went to your "The Gang" page to match faces with names/voices and I was shocked to find that there are four of you? I could swear I've only heard three. One of you is redundant but I'm not sure who...

Anonymous said...

"This is an awesome movie! ... Daredevil... cuts ... a close second ... This movie is ... better"
-Andrew Jupin, We Hate Movies

"Pitof... is... frankly... the king... I'm sorry... I mean... the ... chancellor... of ... movies"
-Chris Cabin, We Hate Movies

"This movie is ...a... great... movie ... I would argue... history's greatest"
-Comic Book Expert Stephen Sajdak, We Hate Movies

shogunblade said...

Greatest mustache? Captain Nemo from the League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen, maybe?

Nicholas Koerner said...

Is it 2003's Hulk co-staring Sam Elliot and his mustache?

Tyler Sutton said...

I want to go on a vacation to Michael Massee's garbage island, "You know what kinda friends I got? A giant seagull! When it SHITS on me I feel joy because it's physical contact from something LIVING!"

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