Animation Damnation #5 - The Magicks of Megas-Tu

On this edition of Animation Damnation, the guys are ragging on an episode of the Star Trek cartoon entitled, "The Magicks of Megas-Tu"! While possibly being a huge commercial for their all-new, hilarious, Trekmentary Nemesis track, the guys also spend some time pondering George Lucas on 'ludes, Kirk being okay with Satan and whether or not Bones was a Confederate racist.

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Leon Cranson said...

Why did this turn from not just a We hate Movies/Trekumentary Nemesis/Animation Damnation mash up into We hate movie/Trekumentry Nemesis/Animeation damnation mash up with a Blame it on outer space wrap up

Pierce said...

I think you guys have thrown out the pot explanation at least one other time, but I think a few more. Definitely happened for Butterfly Effect.

Ufotofu9 said...

The most annoying part about this episode is the "center of universe" conceit.

Even though Star Trek has never been very good about staying rooted in real science, it's pretty well-known fact that the world of Star Trek exists in our Milky Way galaxy.

Even in Star Trek, our the Milky Way Galaxy, being 100,000 light years across, would take hundreds of years to cross at Warp Nine. The next galaxy away, Andromeda, is about 2,000,000 ly away, which would take thousands of years at Warp 9, and that's just one of billions of galaxies in the Universe.

So Star Trek universe is firmly planted in The Milky Way and there's really no way to leave it.

The world of Star Trek takes place in the Milky Way, and you can't leave the Milky Way, even at Warp Nine. Also, the Universe has no Center. It's a physical fact of space/time architecture.

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