Episode 159 - Hamburger: The Motion Picture

In this week's episode, the gang concludes their Memorial Day Hot Dogs & Hamburgers double feature by taking to task the incredibly offensive college comedy, Hamburger: The Motion Picture! Why is our hero such a dud? How was everyone okay with the treatment of Magneto Jones? And did Dick Butkus' character really need to be a racist? PLUS: Ronald Reagan movie reviews and Jesse Ventura counts "10"s!

Hamburger: The Motion Picture stars Leigh McCloskey, Chip McAllister, Jack Blessing, Charles Tyner, Debra Blee, Randi Brooks and Dick Butkus; directed by Mike Marvin.

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The Mutt said...

Gawd, I laughed so hard. I actually had to stop eating my lunch because I would have spit it all over my keyboard.

Jesse Ventura. Ronald Reagan. I think I even heard Charles Bronson sneak in there.

This movie sounds so, so wrong I will have to watch it. Plus, I'm a sucker for any movie where a college kid bangs the Dean's wife. I'm not saying it happened to me......

shogunblade said...

This was absolutely hilarious! The Ronald Reagan stuff was funnier than hell, but the highlight to me was the mentioning of Dollman.

Please do a WHM of Dollman. That is a movie that needs to be recognized, it is an underrated classic.

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