Episode 154 - Hail Caesar

In this week's episode, the gang tackles the laughless, Anthony Michael Hall passion project, Hail Caesar! How did something like this get the green light? Why did Robert Downey agree to this nothing role? And how dare they drop a secret music video into this film? PLUS: The search for laughs turns up zero results.

Hail Caesar stars Anthony Michael Hall, Bobbie Phillips, Leslie Danon, Samuel L. Jackson, Judd Nelson, Robert Downey Jr., Robert Downey Sr., and Frank Gorshin; directed by Anthony Michael Hall... for some reason.

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BIG_OLAF said...

What a fuckin stinkbomb. Extra hilarious how it credits RDJ, Samuel L., and Judd Nelson on the poster, but they all only have like five minutes of combined screentime.

Mark Brown said...

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I've seen worse, much worse.But, stumbling on this site,I decided to see who YOU guys are and SHOCKER looks like none of you have done anything notable. So, I see how this site, podcast, whatever it is says more about how much you guys suck more than what you review. Hey, at least the people making the films did make an attempt. It doesn't always come together well in film, but I have much more respect for those who give things a shot much more than those who sit back and criticize. Yeah, I'm criticizing your criticizing because I make movies. Some good, some bad, but I'm daring to put myself out there and LOVE working with creative people. Have fun throwing stones!

Tyler Sutton said...

Yes, "Heymister", the worst thing you can do is have fun with bad movies! How dare they. The monsters. Honestly if you're so thin skinned you can't take a humor maybe the whole creative business isn't for you.

Anyways, that little bit of negativity aside, love the podcast, it's the highlight of my Tuesdays.

rrpostal said...

Mr HEYMISTER, I noticed that you've never been credited with doing anything funny in your entire life. Hows' about you don't give people advice on what can and can't be made fun of until you try it yourself? Yeah, I'm criticizing your criticizing because you are missing the point. Entertainment is entertainment. I have gotten far more entertainment from these efforts than anything you've done. You could possibly become the greatest film maker of all times, but you're still a thin-skinned knob about it and richly deserve some skewering.

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