Episode 152 - Joysticks

In this week's episode, the gang gets nostalgic for '80s arcade culture with the ?classic? raunch comedy, Joysticks! How does this nerd fall for that sorority prank at the beginning? Why isn't Joe Don Baker tossing furniture in this movie? And isn't it beautiful to see the entire high school caste system melt away once these characters enter the glorious video arcade? Plus: Joe Don Baker gets mistakenly cast in Boogie Nights!

Joysticks stars the great Joe Don Baker, Leif Green, Jim Greenleaf, Scott McGinnis, Corinne Bohrer & Jon Gries; directed by Greydon Clark.

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The Mutt said...

Man. did this episode make me nostalgic! I came of age during the days of Arcades and Van Culture. There was even a Mrs. Rutter in my life. No farting, though.

My Arcade was called The Dragon's Lair, and it had a snack bar, with chili dogs and french fries.

I hung out there because my friends liked to, but I rarely played video games. I was there for pinball and babes.

Jeremiah Hanley said...

The baseball reference you couldn't think of was a poem named Casey at the Bat. Strangely I remember this from reading it in high school in the late 90s.

Mark Brown said...

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Christopher Sobieniak said...

That video game they play during the first Game-Off was called "Satan's Hallow", not "Devil's Pass". Aside from emulators, the game is available commercially on recent consoles as part of a collected compilation of other games released by Midway in the 80's. Most recently it has came out for the PS3 and XBox 360 under the title "Midway Arcade Origins".

That bit at the end with Jeff's girl being picked up by the old man and given back to him always felt rather tacked-on to me if only because we hardly know that much from Sandy or what her deal was. Of course they had to get the nerd laid at the end, the end. Not so much a movie about video games as much as it is a typical teen sex comedy romp in an arcade. Greydon Clark would bring Joe Don Baker back as the lead in his 1984 feature "Final Justice" (which I only seen the MST3K version of).

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