Episode 149 - Dreamcatcher

In this week's episode, the gang heads back to snowy Maine with Thomas Jane and Jason Lee in the fart filled, Stephen King adaptation, Dreamcatcher! Really, what is with all the farting? Was Stephen King just recycling all his old ideas to make one super sized Stephen King novel? And why does the military have to get involved? Plus: Wilford Brimley accidentally votes Carter in '76.

Dreamcatcher stars Thomas Jane, Jason Lee, Damian Lewis, Timothy Olyphant, Morgan Freeman, Donnie Wahlberg and the Unemployable Tom Sizemore; directed by Lawrence Kasdan.

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J. Thunder said...

Hookerpuncher needs to be made into a movie now.

Dreamcatcher is such an oddity from the screenwriters of Butch Cassidy, All the President's Men, Body Heat, and Empire Strikes Back. I know King's behind the source material, but still. Would love to see William Goldman write another screenwriting book discussing butt squids.

Pog Legend said...

It is pretty crazy that Goldman and Kasdan both lost it around the same time.

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BCS Pod said...

this is arguably the funniest episode of your show ever. congrats for real. i almost peed my pants when you did the british professor voice

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beavervan said...

can't believe you left out the gun being used as a phone

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ollpheist said...

I'm re-reading the short story collection Night Shift and hilariously he actually uses the phrase 'clackety-clack' in the story Quitters Inc (which became one of the stories in the movie Cat's Eye). Here's the quote:

"She smiled and rolled a form into her typewriter. 'What is your name, sir?'
'Richard Morrison.'
Clack-clackety-clack. But very muted clacks; the type-writer was an IBM."