Episode 148 - Canvas

In this week's episode, the gang travels to Montreal - or do they stay in New York? - to ride alongside Gary Busey in the geographically confused art thriller, Canvas! Have there ever been two less convincing actors playing New York Italians? How are the cops not on to Gary Busey this whole time? And does this film take place in Montreal or New York? PLUS: This movie's bullshit, Indy!

Canvas stars Gary Busey, John Rhys-Davies, Vittorio Rossi, Nick Caviola and Jonathan Palis; directed by Alain Zaloum.

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SA RA said...

Gary Busey IS Paul Lynde?

Andrew Lane said...

Its arguable that the Italian 'Mafia' is/was actually stronger in Montreal than in New York - at least over the last twenty years. Rizzutos and Cotronis were prominent.

Josh Cather said...

Well I went to Hulu Plus and watched a different Canvas movie starring Joe Pantoliano from 2006. His wife had schizophrenia which tore the family apart. The funniest thing about the movie is that their son started making custom t-shirts for his class mates and charging $40 a piece for them. Also they build a boat together and then there is a not so riveting scene when they almost crash it into some rocks.

I guess I should have looked at more than the title.