Episode 147 - Blame It On Rio

In this week's episode, the gang takes a creepy trip south to point and stare at Michael Caine in the incredibly disturbing Blame It On Rio! Why is there a parrot in almost every shot? Has Michael Caine ever been seedier? And why doesn't Demi Moore step in and stop this madness? Plus: Is there anything you can't blame on Rio?

Blame It On Rio stars Michael Caine, Michelle Johnson, Joseph Bologna, Demi Moore and Valerie Harper; directed by Hollywood legend, Stanley Donen.

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Cheswick Stoddard said...

A full episode set in Rio de Janeiro, but no Silverio impressions? Ah, nertz.

Mike Jimenez said...

That "Christening" clip dialogue, there isn't enough bleach and steel wool to make me feel clean after hearing that.

Marina1411 said...

I can't WAIT 'till the other Brazilian listeners sleep off their Carnaval hangovers and get a hold of this episode!
There's so much wrong with that movie that, if I tried to point the inaccuracies about Brazil, it would be the equivalent of calling out the Jack the Ripper on his sloppy penmanship.
Suffice to say that, in 1984 Rio de Janeiro, they would all end up in a military dictatorship-era jail, never to be seen again. Even Demi Moore(Topless would have been considered an attack on moral and good costumes, at least in the main beaches of Rio).
Back then Brazil would have been considered a free-for-all, I think mostly due to the Ronald Biggs affair - dude robbed a train, fled down here, and got away scot-free.
That was still pretty fresh in the culture of the time. A lot of movies and TV series mentioned the villain trying to escape to Brazil.
Anyhoo, I havent laughed/cringed like this in a long time!

J. Thunder said...

The Michael Caine confronts Stabler bit cracked me up. You guys are my favorite podcast!

Rosa said...

Somebody should be prosecuted for this movie.

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