Episode 144 - Masters of the Universe LIVE

In this week's episode, the gang hits the stage at the People's Improv Theater to rag on one of the 1980's hunkiest flubs, Masters of the Universe! Why does it feel like we're starting with a sequel to a different He-Man movie? Who OK'd that Skeletor makeup? And why is there so little He-Man in this movie? Plus: He-Man, arch nemesis of Richard Nixon.

Masters of the Universe stars Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, Meg Foster, Billy Barty and Courteney Cox; directed by Gary Goddard.

Direct Download


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Elbarto said...

By the description this episode sounds hilarious. Too bad the audio quality makes this episode nearly impossible to listen to.

Steveriffic said...

Yeah, gotta agree with Elbarto. This sounds like balls. I get that guys are recording on a budget, but do these live venues have soundboards or something you can record from?

Your other live episodes didn't sound great, but this was the worst. If you go back to this venue, please find another recording solution.

Sorry to be so critical, but just really wanted to listen to this.

Elbarto said...

I got an idea for another exclusive show for the App. How about WHMLIVE Unlive? That way you can revisit a movie you did on a live show and have audio that is listenable.

Andrew Lane said...

Sadly yes - I'm sure the show was great but this recording is basically inaudible

Mark Rowland said...

Hate to pile on but I had the same problem, oddly enough it was easier to hear with the volume ramped up through the car stereo than by headphones. Shame, I could hear people laughing but had no idea at what.

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