Episode 140 - Easy Rider: The Ride Back

In this week's episode, the gang has their jaws on the floor with the incredibly wrongheaded, totally embarrassing, Easy Rider: The Ride Back. Where does that 9/11 reference come from? How many flashback threads can you squeeze into one film? And most importantly - WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? Plus: Dennis Hopper and John Candy as vengeful poltergeists out for cinematic revenge!

Easy Rider: The Ride Back stars Jeff Fahey, Sheree J. Wilson, Newell Alexander and Phil Pitzer; directed by Dustin Rikert.

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Bill Bernard said...

They stuck those characters in as a riff on Wyatt Earp/Williams. Can't believe you guys missed that. Three movies about the Earps name the brothers. Shane and Wild Bill probably were named because of the western theme.

Thanks for the podcasts! I listen at work and it's very entertaining. But, damn you, I feel like I need to see this piece of crap because you hate it so much I'm compelled to see the wreckage.

Ben Marshal said...

For the most part this movie's politics just confused me. I don't actually think we were supposed to see things from the father's point of view. There were mixed messages all over the place (for example: literally seeing things from the father's POV), but he was written as a horrible asshole and the only apparent point of the rape and Vietnam sub-plot (ugh) was that his ideas about valor were bullshit.

The director probably thought he was making some chin-stroking meditation on the culture wars that would leave everyone a little bit more enlightened regardless of their politics. It's basically Crash.

Ufotofu9 said...

So I just watched this thing (seeing is believing) and my God, but along with everything you said, Pjil Pitzer's performance is...simply unintelligible. His speaking, or maybe it's just his acting, is so clipped and mannered that ever word comes out like a machine gun blast; of shit. I'm surprised that you didn't discuss the performances more, cause they generally sucked except for Jeff Fahey, who has a lifetime pass in my mind.

Ufotofu9 said...

And another thing. The guy who plays the dad, Newell Alexander, was born in 1935. Peter Fonda was born in 1940. So Wyatt is five years younger than his dad. Now imagine if every demon in hell put their powers together and somehow Peter Fonda was tricked into appearing in this movie. He would look, and actually be, only five years younger than the man playing his father.
What I'm saying is that the timeline and the character's ages make no sense at all.

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