Episode 136 - The Good Son

In this week's episode, the gang takes a walk through the graveyard with creepy Macaulay Culkin and not as creepy Elijah Wood in the eerie child thriller, The Good Son! What is David Morse really doing on that trip to Tokyo? How are these two parents allowed to have children? And how are all those cars crashing and no one sees a thing? Plus: Marc Summers' Child Bootcamp.

The Good Son stars Macaulay Culkin, Elijah Wood, David Morse, Wendy Crewson, Daniel Hugh Kelly and Quinn Culkin; directed by Joseph Ruben.

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Shawn Mccann said...

I love that the Nantucket accent is just J.F.K. from Clone High. Great episode.

Marco Rose said...

Hey! Another very good and different Elijah Wood movie is "Hooligans". Check it out!

ben said...

Great episode.

You guys HAVE to talk about American Movie. That takes me waaaay back!

Ufotofu9 said...

"Bombing the universe" annoys me too, and the first time I heard it was in "The Shining" when Jack says that Danny's "busy blowing up the universe."

I remember thinking, "That is meaningless. Your assumption of what video games is so far from reality, I cannot help you.