Episode 130 - Stay Tuned

In this week's episode, the gang kicks off November's "Stay Tuned" month with 1992's witty? send up of television culture, the aptly titled, Stay Tuned! How does John Ritter not immediately know that Jeffrey Jones is working for the Devil? Who thought these show parodies were funny? And why does the Lord of Darkness need a television network? Plus: Don Pardo and Robert Stack impressions abound!

Stay Tuned stars John Ritter, Pam Dawber, Jeffrey Jones and Eugene Levy; directed by Peter Hyams.

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Gilmarzinho Jose said...

One of the best comedy movies I've seen in my youth! hauhuahuahua
Even being this shit as it is.

It's never been released in DVD in Brazil, so I've translated a '.srt' subtitle to distribute this here.

Hope for a Bluray release... (not! hauhauhua).

Great episode, guys!


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Anonymous said...

About the "Beetlejuice" ending...I've read the original script and the original ending had the Deetzes moving back to NYC except for Winona Ryder. She stayed in the house with Baldwin and Davis. From what I remember, the outside of the house was all dilapidated and seen as un-sellable and haunted and that's where it ended.

Anonymous said...

Oh and the original artist that Baldwin was obsessed with was not Harry Belafonte but The Ink Spots.

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