Episode 128 - Casper

In this week's episode, the gang wraps up their 2013 Halloween Spooktacular with the insanely stupid, live action ghost romp, Casper! How can this movie have so little rules set up for the ghosts? Was there ever a more annoying trio than these three obnoxious uncles? And how many of you were watching Hard Copy in the mid-90s? PLUS: Heckling Dan Aykroyd at a liquor warehouse.

Casper stars Bill Pullman, Christina Ricci, Cathy Moriarty and Malachi Pearson; directed by Brad Silberling.

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Matt Davies said...

Awesome episode. I'm a new listener and already a huge fan. Everyone on board has perfect voices for the job, and everyone is entertaining and hilarious. Found a new favorite podcast. =) Thank you so much for all the effort that you guys put into this podcast. School days are long and tedious, and you guys make them by smoother.

josez davis said...

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Mark Laurencell said...

Every time Eric Szyszka says "THE TREASURE!" is hilarious, this episode and Indiana Jones 4 were some of my favorites

amine lahragui said...

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