Episode 127 - Chopping Mall

In this week's episode, the gang heads back to one of the greatest places in human civilization, the mall in the 1980s, with the killer robot flick, Chopping Mall! Why would a mall spend this much money on a security system? Are folks really okay with that kind of furniture store party? And are there various tiers of janitors? Plus: Never put out your robotic college roommate.

Chopping Mall stars Kelli Maroney, Tony O'Dell, Russell Todd and Barbara Crampton; directed by Jim Wynorski.

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Ian Kamerdze said...

the same guy that directed this directed superhero b movie the return of swamp thing staring Louis Jourdan tj hooker's Heather Locklear and superman 2's Sara Douglas you guys could easily make it a stay tuned as its wonderfully awful and i bet would keep resident whm comic expert Stephen Sajdak entertained

cris dest said...

you guys are at your best with 80's movies

Bob28415 said...

Personally, I think the best scene in the movie takes place in the restaurant. 3 of their friends have been slaughtered in front of them and they're holed up in the Italian place. The wife character is sitting there doing calculations on a calculator and actually starts her dialog with the phrase "according to my calculations". My expectation, after figuring out what the hell she was doing pounding away on a calculator, was that she somehow decided to calculate their survival odds, or some other similarly ridiculous "reasonable" mathematical formula to help you figure shit out after watching your friend burn to death. NOPE.

She's just calculated how long they're going to be slaving away to pay back the mall for all the damage they did. Because if anyone's getting sued in this situation it's the people who had every legal right to be there and not the owners of the time locked death bot arena.

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