Episode 122 - Only the Strong

In this week's episode, the gang returns from their summer vacation to rip on the totally ridiculous (but fun!) Capoeira thriller, Only the Strong! How awesome is that warmup song? How old is that Jamaican guy? And where do these teachers get off treating an Army veteran like garbage? Plus: Silverio, a villain for the ages.

Only the Strong stars Mark Dacascos, Stacey Travis, Geoffrey Lewis and Paco Christian Prieto; directed by Sheldon Lettich.

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Paul said...

Yay! Thanks for coming back. I've missed you magnificent bastards!

Chaz said...

Welcome back! It's been too long. If you're looking for more Capoeira action the Tony Jaa movie The Protector has an awesome fight featuring it.


Gilmarzinho Jose said...

Guys! Awesome cast!
I'm brazzilian, and I've never seen this movie! ahuahuahuhuhua

One thing, the "capoeira banjo" is a berimbau. If you interested, there's a lot of 'Berimbau Simulators' apps available on Apple and Android devices. The function of this kinda-musical-instrument is what you described, pick the line and do the rhythm to the capoeira dance. Yes, capoeira is not a fight, it is a performatic dance.
Sure, who are trained in capoeira can fight with the moves learned on the dance, but it's not encouraged by the masters.

Another thing: you need to do one of the worst movies I've ever seen: Stealth. A movie in wich a plane suicides. SUICIDAL PLANE! ahuhauhuuhuahua

Thanks guys.

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