Episode 118 - The Running Man

In this week's episode, the gang heads to a future ruled by reality television with the Arnold Schwarzenegger actioneer, The Running Man! How much bad Arnold acting can one film take? Why didn't they have Richard Dawson reference Hogan's Heroes? And who else was calling Dynamo "Lite-Brite"? Plus: This week in hypothetical shows, Andrew Jupin's Cinema Pickle, coming this fall to CBS!

The Running Man stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Conchita Alonso, Yaphet Kotto and Richard Dawson; directed by Paul Michael Glaser.

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ben said...

Got into work today and was very happy to see The Running Man getting the We Hate Movies treatment. Not that you guys were hatin' in particualr, and The Running Man certainly deserves some lovin'.

It would be great if you'd take a break from the hate more often, I'd like to hear you guys talk about They Live and Robocop. At least I've seen those movies...

Isn't there a Schwarzenegger movie WITH Belushi? Is that Red Heat? Sounds like a WHM episode for the ages.

Also, LaFours says "Steroids make ya deaf" at the end there.

Thanks for a fun way to get through a long morning.

Fulgore Rhynehardt said...

LaFours says "i gots to score some steroids" then walks off.
that was in response to the scene when Richard Dawkins yells at LaFours "whats the matter, steroids make you deaf". Sadly i know this movie line for line. but i digress.

Unknown said...

Love the show, but I have to say that if you were talking about THIS "Bad Boy Bag Boys" it was a parody produced by PBS. The point was that it's supposed to be stupid.


Ufotofu9 said...

"Another thing about the Denver International Airport... and squat two three four."



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